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The Ultimate Summer Camp List for your Child’s Summer Camp Trip

While going for summer camps triggers a wave of excitement in children, preparing the summer camp list and knowing what to pack can be a daunting task for their parents. Read on to find out how you can make the task easier. We have also included some of the cool stuff for a sleepaway camp that your child may need for a successful camping experience. 


Do not begin the packing process at the last minute. Devise a game plan early in advance before you start perusing through your child’s belongings. First, you may want to get in touch with the camping facility and establish their policies. Chances are high that they could have a list of essentials they give to each camper which means your child will not need those.

Still, the camp can supply you with the ultimate summer camp packing list complete with prohibited things and what the campers will need depending on the scheduled summer camp activities. Consider how long the summer camp will last to figure out the number of toiletries and clothing your child will require. If the camp is scheduled to last for more than a week, you may want to establish from the camp organizers whether or not they provide laundry services.

To make the packing process easy, involve your child as well. Allow them to air their ideas and views and let them choose their preferred items. Remember, there are numerous summer camp activities to engage in such as hiking, cycling, or even swimming. To participate in these activities effectively, your child will need the ideal gear. Ensure they have proper clothing to fit the activities. 

Tips to Ease the Sleepaway Summer Camp Packing Process

The following tips will not only ease the packing process, adopting them is the best way of ensuring you don’t forget any essential item that your child may need while on camp.

Choose the Ideal Bag

Before you begin the packing process, choose the ideal bag depending on where the child is going, how many days they’ll be away, and the summer sleepaway camp packing list you have. Contact the camp organizers and ask them to recommend the best bag. While some organizers recommend duffle bags, others prefer trunk bags. Your child will, of course, need a backpack especially if they’ll be engaging in other activities away from the camping site. 

Save on Space 

While many people prefer folding clothes, sometimes it’s not a great method of packing. What’s more, it may not be ideal if your child is to remain organized throughout the camping period. Opt for Ziploc bags or packing cubes to keep everything well contained. This will also help you save more space in the traveling bag. Have different cubes for every clothing category. Pack more Ziploc bags which your child can use to store damp or dirty clothes.

Label all Your Child’s Belongings

Ensure every item you pack is well labeled. Involve your child in the labeling process and make sure they know where the labels are. This will make identification easy should they lose their belongings. 

Avoid Filling up the Bag to the Brim 

You don’t expect your child to come back with a well-arranged suitcase. Chances are, they will just stuff their belongings away in the bag in a disorganized manner. You, therefore, want to leave enough room in the bag to ensure they can still close the zipper with minimal struggle.  

Pack Enough Snacks

Your child will get hungry more when they are away from home. Remember, their eating schedules will not be the same as is the case at home. You’ll not want your child to suffer hunger pangs while on the camp which is why you should at least include non-perishable snacks in the summer camp list. Include extra snacks so that they can share with their friends. 

 Note Down Everything Your Child Needs 

Remembering everything your child needs can be an arduous task. It is therefore important to write everything they need in your notebook. For instance, if your child suffers from allergies you want to pack all the medication they need to get relieve.

If some foods cause them reactions, you want to communicate this with their supervisor early in advance. Sort out all your child’s essentials according to priority. For instance, store the items they will need more often close to the top to ease access. Keep smaller items such as trinkets and writing materials in the inner compartments of their bags.

Make sure your child knows where everything is. Often, items will get lost at the time you need them most and you don’t want this to happen to your child. This is why you should involve them in the packing process as much as possible.

Essentials You Should Pack for a Sleepaway Camp 

Here are must-pack essentials for sleepaway camp.

Alarm Clock 

Sending your child to summer camp comes with various benefits such as learning how to be independent. How many times does your child wake up by themselves at home? Chances are, they hardly wake up unless you wake them up. When they go for summer camp however, they will need to wake up on time and this is why they will need an alarm clock.

A Portable Fan

While various camping accommodations come with air conditioning, campers hardly have any control over them. Include a small portable and where possible a battery-operated fan in their bags to ensure they are comfortable during their stay. 

Pajamas or Robes

During the packing process, parents will pay more attention to packing clothes to wear during the day and forget to include pajamas or comfortable clothing for the children to sleep in at night. This is where the summer sleepaway camp packing list comes in. You want to include every item your child will need for the camp and cross-check everything as you pack them in the bag to ensure your child has everything they require. 

Pack Extra Undergarments and Various Pairs of Socks

 Undergarments are some of the most essential items that your child cannot live without. You not only want to pack enough pieces to last them the entire camping session, but you should also include extra pieces just to be on the safe side. Teach your child how to separate clean underwear from dirty ones. Remember the extra Ziploc bags included in this post? Your child will use them to keep their dirty pieces together.

 Special activity Equipment and Clothes

Find out from the camp organizers what equipment your child will need during the camp. For instance, they will need swimming costumes for their swimming sessions. Depending on your child’s swimming expertise, you may want to include floaters or lifesavers in their bags. If they will participate in horse riding, they could need specially designed gear for horse riding.

If the camping facility offers sporting activities, music or dancing lessons, find out whether your child will need to bring anything along. To make your work easier, ask the organizers for the program of activities. That way, you will know what to and what not to buy. 

 An Extra Pair of Cozy Shoes 

Pack an extra pair of comfortable shoes. Your child will need to change their shoes in case they become wet or dirty. If hiking is among the summer camp activities, the extra pair will come in handy if the camper develops blisters along the way. You may want to include flip flops, especially if the child will get into contact with pool water. 

Extra Sheets or a Sleeping Bag

Remember, temperatures are likely to drop tremendously during the night even in summer. You don’t want your child to be freezing while on camp. Of course, the camping facility could provide these items. However, you want to pack them to keep your child as comfortable as possible. 

 Washing Kit

The washing kit is essential as it will ensure your child is clean and smelling fresh. The kit should include: a toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, washing soap or shower gel, hair bands, clips, and a hairbrush, bathing towels and beach towels if your child will be swimming during the summer camp.

Perhaps you are always reminding your child to take a shower or brush their teeth. Since you will not be with them at summer camp, you want to pack and keep their hygiene essentials closer to the top. This way, they will notice them when they open their bags and this will help them take care of their cleanliness.  


These tips should ease the packing process for you and your child. It’s important to know that many camping facilities do not allow some personal items such as electronic gadgets. Avoid these and let your child go out there and explore the world with minimal distractions. Next time your child is going on summer camp, you want to prepare your summer sleepaway camp packing list early in advance to avoid the hassles that come with packing late. Involve your child in the packing process and ensure they know where everything is. This will help them enjoy their camping experience to the maximum.