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All the parents like to see their kids playing outside for the entire day during the summer. Yet, a lot of fun usually results in a phenomenon called “summer learning loss”. Some people name it summer slide or summer setback, but all these phrases refer to the same thing.

After three months of entertainment and fun, kids need time to get back the knowledge they had before the summer. The studies confirm that most of the students lose around 39% of the annual learning during the summer. Because of that, many parents are trying to find a way to protect their children from summer learning loss.

If you are one of those parents, then we have great news for you.  Methods that summer camps use are probably the best ones because they use many entertaining methods to improve the knowledge and skills of kids during the summer. You can do a couple of things to keep your child mentally strong during the summer and properly prepare him/her for the next school year.

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Allow Kids to Improve In Their Unique Way

Les Elfes International Summer camp summer learning loss

Kids have different interests, habits, tastes, and… ways to improve their knowledge! First of all, your kids need to find their passion or at least something that makes them feel happy. Don’t neglect their passion for writing, art, history, movie, or anything else that potentially seems irrelevant to you. Everyone has the right to choose, including the youngest generation! 

Despite that, summer camps usually allow kids to choose their style of learning alone. That’s exactly what you should do. If your children do not like to read a lot, that doesn’t mean they are lazy. Instead of that, they perhaps like to gather different pieces of information from video content because they remember them in that way a lot easier.

Allow Them to Show You What They Know

Summer camps (or educational camps in general) support children to apply everything they know to the real world. Your children probably possess certain talents, and some classes in school are probably favorite ones to them. If they possess knowledge about mathematics, history, biology, or anything else, allow them to show you that. In other words, let them be your teachers!

There are two reasons why this method works. First of all, kids will get the chance to once again go through the lessons from the previous school year. Despite that, young adults will become more confident in their knowledge and proud because they got the chance to teach their role models (parents) something new.

Help Them to Improve Even More

Les Elfes International Summer camp - summer camp to improve kids knowledge

Give your child the necessary support. You do not have to be an expert for something to help your kid improve his knowledge like mentors in summer camps. The only thing you need to invest is your time! It is great if your child spends a lot of time outside during the summer. Yet, some duties need to exist (even if they last 1 hour a day).

Let’s use an example to make things clear. If your kid has the potential to become a good writer, his improvement must not stop during the summer. You can, for instance, ask him to write essays once in a couple of days and highlight the mistakes he is making. However, if you are not a good writer, you can ask experts from TrustMyPaper, and other online writing companies to help you. The professionals have the necessary experience to help young adults improve their mistakes and become experts one day.

The point is – kids need to understand they are not alone! That will motivate them to work hard even when all their friends are playing outside.

Help Them Organize Their Time

Of course, no one says that children should spend the entire day at home learning new things. Instead of that, they should know how to organize their time properly and ensure there is enough place in their daily routine for learning.

Do you think that kids that attend summer camps study for the entire day? Actually, it is quite the opposite, they spend most of their time in nature playing and having fun. However, the free time serves as some kind of reward after an hour or two of knowledge improvement.

Do the same! Your child can start reading, solving math problems in the morning, or anything else, and the rest of the day they can spend on their mobile or outside with friends. In that way, whenever the duty they have seems difficult, the reward they can potentially get will motivate them.

Allow Them to Study with Friends

Les Elfes International Summer camp importance of friendship

Why is playing games the only thing your kids can do with their friends? Can’t they become teammates when accomplishing duties as well? We once again need to repeat – kids must not feel like they are alone! Knowledge improvement must not be a punishment, and if their best friend has the same duties, they will accept it as part of their daily summer routine. 

In The End – Allow them to Attend Summer Camps

The summer camp programs are never only focused on the knowledge/mental improvement of a child. Students will also have enough time to play, spend time in nature, and make new friendships (don’t forget how important socialization is).

In other words, spending time in summer camps will help kids improve their self-discipline. They will learn how to organize their time properly and protect themselves from summer learning loss. It will be much easier to guide your child under those conditions. Your only duty will be to give the necessary support that every kid needs.

Final Thought

Summer learning loss is not to be something that parents should be afraid of. They only need to react properly and motivate their kids to remain psychologically active during the summer. Don’t even try to say something like “You must learn” or “I won’t allow you to go out if you don’t complete your duties”. That approach will make things even worse and your child will consider summer knowledge improvement as a punishment. Try to make all the activities entertaining or simply allow them to attend summer camps. That is the place where they will see how summer studying can also be cool!


Donald Fomby is a freelance writer and a valued member of the writing team at Supreme Dissertations. At a relatively young age, he has already amassed impressive experience as a freelance writer. In his free time, Donald is an active volunteer and aims to help nonprofits to attract new volunteers. 

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