The Ultimate Summer Camp List for your Child’s Summer Camp Trip

While going for summer camps triggers a wave of excitement in children, preparing the summer camp list and knowing what to pack can be a daunting task for their parents. Read on to find out how you can make the task easier. We have also included some of the cool stuff for a sleepaway camp that your child may need for a successful camping experience. 


Do not begin the packing process at the last minute. Devise a game plan early in advance before you start perusing through your child’s belongings. First, you may want to get in touch with the camping facility and establish their policies. Chances are high that they could have a list of essentials they give to each camper which means your child will not need those.

Still, the camp can supply you with the ultimate summer camp packing list complete with prohibited things and what the campers will need depending on the scheduled summer camp activities. Consider how long the summer camp will last to figure out the number of toiletries and clothing your child will require. If the camp is scheduled to last for more than a week, you may want to establish from the camp organizers whether or not they provide laundry services.

To make the packing process easy, involve your child as well. Allow them to air their ideas and views and let them choose their preferred items. Remember, there are numerous summer camp activities to engage in such as hiking, cycling, or even swimming. To participate in these activities effectively, your child will need the ideal gear. Ensure they have proper clothing to fit the activities. 

Tips to Ease the Sleepaway Summer Camp Packing Process

The following tips will not only ease the packing process, adopting them is the best way of ensuring you don’t forget any essential item that your child may need while on camp.

Choose the Ideal Bag

Before you begin the packing process, choose the ideal bag depending on where the child is going, how many days they’ll be away, and the summer sleepaway camp packing list you have. Contact the camp organizers and ask them to recommend the best bag. While some organizers recommend duffle bags, others prefer trunk bags. Your child will, of course, need a backpack especially if they’ll be engaging in other activities away from the camping site. 

Save on Space 

While many people prefer folding clothes, sometimes it’s not a great method of packing. What’s more, it may not be ideal if your child is to remain organized throughout the camping period. Opt for Ziploc bags or packing cubes to keep everything well contained. This will also help you save more space in the traveling bag. Have different cubes for every clothing category. Pack more Ziploc bags which your child can use to store damp or dirty clothes.

Label all Your Child’s Belongings

Ensure every item you pack is well labeled. Involve your child in the labeling process and make sure they know where the labels are. This will make identification easy should they lose their belongings. 

Avoid Filling up the Bag to the Brim 

You don’t expect your child to come back with a well-arranged suitcase. Chances are, they will just stuff their belongings away in the bag in a disorganized manner. You, therefore, want to leave enough room in the bag to ensure they can still close the zipper with minimal struggle.  

Pack Enough Snacks

Your child will get hungry more when they are away from home. Remember, their eating schedules will not be the same as is the case at home. You’ll not want your child to suffer hunger pangs while on the camp which is why you should at least include non-perishable snacks in the summer camp list. Include extra snacks so that they can share with their friends. 

 Note Down Everything Your Child Needs 

Remembering everything your child needs can be an arduous task. It is therefore important to write everything they need in your notebook. For instance, if your child suffers from allergies you want to pack all the medication they need to get relieve.

If some foods cause them reactions, you want to communicate this with their supervisor early in advance. Sort out all your child’s essentials according to priority. For instance, store the items they will need more often close to the top to ease access. Keep smaller items such as trinkets and writing materials in the inner compartments of their bags.

Make sure your child knows where everything is. Often, items will get lost at the time you need them most and you don’t want this to happen to your child. This is why you should involve them in the packing process as much as possible.

Essentials You Should Pack for a Sleepaway Camp 

Here are must-pack essentials for sleepaway camp.

Alarm Clock 

Sending your child to summer camp comes with various benefits such as learning how to be independent. How many times does your child wake up by themselves at home? Chances are, they hardly wake up unless you wake them up. When they go for summer camp however, they will need to wake up on time and this is why they will need an alarm clock.

A Portable Fan

While various camping accommodations come with air conditioning, campers hardly have any control over them. Include a small portable and where possible a battery-operated fan in their bags to ensure they are comfortable during their stay. 

Pajamas or Robes

During the packing process, parents will pay more attention to packing clothes to wear during the day and forget to include pajamas or comfortable clothing for the children to sleep in at night. This is where the summer sleepaway camp packing list comes in. You want to include every item your child will need for the camp and cross-check everything as you pack them in the bag to ensure your child has everything they require. 

Pack Extra Undergarments and Various Pairs of Socks

 Undergarments are some of the most essential items that your child cannot live without. You not only want to pack enough pieces to last them the entire camping session, but you should also include extra pieces just to be on the safe side. Teach your child how to separate clean underwear from dirty ones. Remember the extra Ziploc bags included in this post? Your child will use them to keep their dirty pieces together.

 Special activity Equipment and Clothes

Find out from the camp organizers what equipment your child will need during the camp. For instance, they will need swimming costumes for their swimming sessions. Depending on your child’s swimming expertise, you may want to include floaters or lifesavers in their bags. If they will participate in horse riding, they could need specially designed gear for horse riding.

If the camping facility offers sporting activities, music or dancing lessons, find out whether your child will need to bring anything along. To make your work easier, ask the organizers for the program of activities. That way, you will know what to and what not to buy. 

 An Extra Pair of Cozy Shoes 

Pack an extra pair of comfortable shoes. Your child will need to change their shoes in case they become wet or dirty. If hiking is among the summer camp activities, the extra pair will come in handy if the camper develops blisters along the way. You may want to include flip flops, especially if the child will get into contact with pool water. 

Extra Sheets or a Sleeping Bag

Remember, temperatures are likely to drop tremendously during the night even in summer. You don’t want your child to be freezing while on camp. Of course, the camping facility could provide these items. However, you want to pack them to keep your child as comfortable as possible. 

 Washing Kit

The washing kit is essential as it will ensure your child is clean and smelling fresh. The kit should include: a toothbrush and toothpaste, shampoo, washing soap or shower gel, hair bands, clips, and a hairbrush, bathing towels and beach towels if your child will be swimming during the summer camp.

Perhaps you are always reminding your child to take a shower or brush their teeth. Since you will not be with them at summer camp, you want to pack and keep their hygiene essentials closer to the top. This way, they will notice them when they open their bags and this will help them take care of their cleanliness.  


These tips should ease the packing process for you and your child. It’s important to know that many camping facilities do not allow some personal items such as electronic gadgets. Avoid these and let your child go out there and explore the world with minimal distractions. Next time your child is going on summer camp, you want to prepare your summer sleepaway camp packing list early in advance to avoid the hassles that come with packing late. Involve your child in the packing process and ensure they know where everything is. This will help them enjoy their camping experience to the maximum.

How to Maximize Your Child’s Summer Camp Experience in Switzerland

Nearly every child looks forward to going on summer vacation. Not only do they get the opportunity to relax away from their books, but many of them get the opportunity to go for exciting summer camps in various parts of the world.

For years, Switzerland has been one of the preferred summer camp places and the country has hosted many young children and teenagers from different parts of the world. As a parent, you should prepare your child adequately to maximize their camping experience. The following tips can come in handy to ease the process.

View the Camp as a Learning Experience

Going for summer camps in Switzerland allows your child the opportunity to explore the world at large outside the locality they are used to. Further, the experience will teach your child how to be independent. They will learn how to nurture new social skills, how to make new friends, and understand the importance of teamwork. Your child will also develop his or her creative skills. On your part as a parent, you can leverage on this opportunity to focus your energy on taking care of yourself, relaxing, exercising, or reading that book you’ve always wanted to read before your child finally comes back.

Involve Your Child in the Camp Planning

Collaborate with your child to make decisions regarding the camp. For instance, you can choose the ideal summer camp location together, choose what to pack, and discuss the perfect activities your child is comfortable engaging in. Give your child a chance to participate in the decision making and you’ll maximize their chances of enjoying it

Discuss any Concerns you may have

As the camping day approaches, your child is likely to become more anxious and perhaps afraid of leaving. This is where you need to encourage them to speak their fears or concerns out. This way, you can understand what’s bothering them. Assure them that everything will work out well and express your confidence in their potential to cope with being far from home.

Set Practical Expectations

Just like any other part of life, a summer camp will have its highs and lows. Some moments will be exciting while others will be low key. It’s important to let your child know this and have a practical and reasonable view of the camp. Talk about some of the highs and lows your child is likely to experience while on camp.

Encourage them to be themselves and avoid feeling pressed for success while on camp. After all, camps should be an opportunity to have fun, relax, and achieve their best depending on their potential without feeling the urge to compete with their peers.

Exciting Child-Friendly Summer Camp Activities in Switzerland

Depending on your career, you may not get summer off in time to either take your children on holiday or take care of them during their summer school break. Still, parents who have their off during summer can get overwhelmed by having active children at home throughout the day.

Luckily, you can send your children to summer camps in Switzerland and still be contented that they will not only be safe, but they will also enjoy their time at camp. Switzerland is a beautiful country which offers numerous child-friendly activities to engage in ranging from educational and fun. Here are some exciting things for your child to do while on Switzerland summer camp.


If your child is a sports enthusiast, attending football camps can be one of the most exciting activities. Many of the football camp service providers in Switzerland accommodate football activities for both girls and boys of different ages. Your child can participate in the camp from the age of three years.

The camps are spread across various regions in the country such as Geneva, Zurich, Zug, Versoix, Aubonne, Vevey, Lausanne, Basel, and Montreux. All the coaches are fluent in English which is an advantage to many of the foreign students attending the camps during the summer holiday. If you are looking for girls-only camps, you will find them in Versoix and Basel.

Water-Related Activities

Children love swimming and playing with water. What’s more, various locations in Zurich and Geneva offer sailing lessons which your child will be delighted to participate in. Your children will have fun and entertainment engaging in various water-related activities during summer camps Switzerland such as kayaking, and waterskiing.

If your child is going for their summer camp in Zurich, they will enjoy a wide range of outdoor swimming areas which include: rivers, lakes, and pools. The Strandbad Mythenquai, for instance, is ideal for children of different ages. The facility features shallow swimming places ideal for younger children and beautiful sandy beaches. There is also a park and a playing ground with lots of grass where children will enjoy running and playing their favorite games. There is also a grilling area where children can learn how to grill.


Hiking is a tedious activity that many children may be reluctant to engage in. However, summer camp organizers can make them exciting for the sake of the children. One way of doing so is by creating a nature trail. Involve a section of the children right from scratch to make the activity more exciting, and to ensure that the remaining section can participate in the activity as the nature hunters.

To create a nature trail, the children with the help of camp organizers will need to plan their route. They will need a notepad, a pen, a camera or a phone to take photos, and search for exciting things to incorporate in the trail such as unique trees with special characteristics, large stones or logs, an animal home, exotic flowers, or shrubs.

After the children have identified these items, they should proceed to design the nature trail by sketching down a map of the trail and writing down instructions for the nature hunters to follow. The organizing group will need to come up with a treasure hunt or a nature trail quiz for the hunters.

This can include things to do during the hunt such as naming the trees they encounter along the way. The final step for the organizing group involves making copies of their map, spotter sheets, and instructions and handing them to the hunters. This activity can be exciting and fun for both groups. What’s more, it can also be used as a learning experience.

Arts and Crafts Related Activities

Children can engage in creative activities while at Switzerland summer camps depending on their ages. The younger children can practice doodle art where they will need drawing materials such as crayons, markers, and pencils, and paper. The children will then use their drawing materials to fill the blank paper with colors and drawings of different shapes. The older children can create bead jewelry.

Seeing that many children are fascinated by beads, this activity will be ideal for both girls and boys. All they will need is a container filled with beads and pipe cleaners or yarn. This activity is simple and children get an opportunity to demonstrate how creative they can get. Make sure to include the beads in varying colors and shapes and you’ll be surprised at the beautiful pieces the children will create.

Visiting Adventure Parks

Children, especially teenagers are energetic and many of them will be excited to try any adventurous activity they can come across. The Adventure Park Davos Färich, for instance, lies beside the Flüela mountain pass foot. It’s a high wire cycle park where your children will enjoy exciting times. It features a mountain bike course and five rope courses with varying difficulties, all of which are suitable for both children and adults.

There are assistants at the wire courses ready to offer the necessary assistance and guarantee safety. Parents, therefore, don’t have to worry. If your child loves biking, then this summer camp Switzerland activity is a must-do for them. The bike trails at this camp come with a pump track, tables, north shore structures, and jumps.

The younger children can also enjoy their child-related activities at the available playgrounds. There’s a restaurant on site too where children can enjoy their favorite snacks after an event filled afternoon.

Horse Riding and Mountain Biking Activities

The idea of going for summer camps in Switzerland is to get children out of their comfort zones and allow them to participate in activities they hardly engage in back home  such as mountain biking and horse riding. One ideal place that offers these activities in Switzerland is the Graubünden campsite.

Nestled beside a lake and surrounded by picturesque pine trees, the campsite comes complete with modern facilities, pitches, a restaurant, and a recreational room beside the lake. Your children will not only enjoy the beautiful views and cool breeze in their Switzerland summer camp, but they will also go horse riding and make new friends while biking around the mountain. Sports lovers will also enjoy playing various sports such as tennis, mini-golf, and golf

Top Travel Tips for School Trips Abroad

Many students look forward to going on school trips abroad at the end of the year. Whether it’s about student educational tours, volunteering, or summer camp experience, international trips are fun, memorable, and fun events for students who are privileged enough to attend them.

Even though both students and their team leaders can easily get carried away by the anticipation of visiting new places, various health and safety tips should be considered to guarantee a successful trip. It’s worth noting that organizing a school trip abroad can be a daunting task. However, the following tips can ease the process.

Pick your Target Destination Carefully

The school travel organizers should pick their preferred destination early in advance. The location you choose should be ideal for your students regardless of their age. Many people choose to travel to Europe during the spring or summer because the weather is more conducive then. There are various exciting countries in Europe which you may want to visit but Switzerland is indeed a must visit the country. Regardless of the location you settle for, ensure that it’s serene, self-contained, and safe for your team. Further, you want to ensure there are lots of fun and exciting things to engage in at least to keep your students engaged.

Travel by Bus or Coach

If you are taking a school trip to Switzerland, a bus or coach would be the ideal transportation method. Switzerland lies in the central region of Europe and there are many coach lines which traverse from and to the city. Many of the companies have upgraded their fleet to include modern buses to enhance comfort and convenience during your trip.

With the many service providers in the Switzerland market, you are guaranteed to find a deal that meets your needs. Buses are a perfect option of going for a school trip as it gives you an opportunity to keep your students in one place. Still, you can use the bus for the entire trip which means you don’t have to struggle with moving with your heavy luggage from one location to the other.

If your school travel involves channel crossing you can opt for the Eurotunnel where your students don’t have to get out of the coach during the crossing. What’s more, it’s way faster compared to the ferry. Of course, the ferry can offer a fun experience but you don’t want to expose your students to potential risks.

If you have difficulties deciding, you can go one way through the ferry and the other through the Eurotunnel. That way, you can figure out your preferred method for your subsequent trips.

Take Shorter Trips where Necessary

Traveling during the day is not only exciting, but it’s also a cheaper way of discovering new places, marveling at nature. However, they can be taxing especially if you are traveling for long hours. In order to make your students more comfortable and encourage them to enjoy the ride, you may want to ask them to carry pillows.

If you are traveling with younger students, consider making the trip as short as possible. You can have an interactive discussion with the students about the environment, flora, and fauna. Students can even try to identify things they have read in class along the way. This will make an otherwise long trip quite short and exciting.

Have a Framework for the Trip

Every school trip including recreational themed ones presents an opportunity for your students to learn. As the team leader, you need to leverage on that fact to enhance your classwork. One way of achieving this is by incorporating principal learning targets in advance for your specific subject accordingly.

Lay down objectives that your students should accomplish by the end of the trip such as learning new tasks, mastering certain words of a new language, identifying historic sites and gathering sufficient information about the same, engaging in an adventurous activity, and overcoming a certain fear. With these objectives, your students will have a good understanding of what they are expected to do, and leverage the school travel opportunity to improve their learning.

Get Parental Consent

Some parents may not be open to the idea of allowing their children to be gone from home for long. You not only need to convince them that their children will be safe, but you also want to explain the travel budget to them and let them know how the money they pay will be spent, and how the trip will benefit their children.

Getting parental consent will go a long way in guaranteeing a successful trip. You will also avoid major concerns by: sharing comprehensive trip information with the parents such as: the travel service provider, emergency procedures in place, kit list and itinerary, organizing a trip meeting for the parents where you can respond to their major concerns, and informing them about the personal and learning goals of the trip.

What Should You Pack for your School Trip Abroad

Packing for a school trip abroad can be challenging. If you are preparing your child for an international trip, these tips can be of help.

·         Clothing

Regardless of your destination of choice and the time of the year, you can’t go wrong with packing for all weather and potential weather fluctuations. Remember, many Europe tours happen during spring and summer and one way of remaining warm of cool in layering.

During summer in Europe for instance, you may want to pack a sun hat, sunglasses, comfortable t-shirt, and skirts or shorts for your child. Remember to include a cotton shawl, scarf, or light jumper for use either in the evenings when temperatures drop, or when the children are in air-conditioned facilities.

They can also use these items like a shield against the sun. you can easily remove or pile layers to get your preferred temperature. The idea of layering is also applicable when children are traveling during the winter season.

·         Essential Toiletries

Apart from the customary personal toiletries such as deodorant, toothbrush and toothpaste, soap, and contact lenses, consider buying essential items depending on the weather in your target location. If it’s a school trip to Switzerland, you may want to purchase sunscreen and aftersun lotion for your child. Insect repellent will also be ideal if your child will be in an insect-infested location. Other must-have essentials include moisturizer and lip balm.

·          Avoid Buying New Clothes

When students are going on a school trip abroad, they will be overly excited and will want to buy new clothes. Going for a trip abroad can be a taxing idea and your child can’t afford to be stuck in uncomfortable clothes. You want to ensure their clothes are not only presentable but also fit well. Often, this applies to footwear especially because students will do lots of walking during the trip. For this reason, new shoes may not be ideal.

Will Students from Going on a School Trip Abroad?

Yes. Allowing your child to attend a school trip abroad comes with numerous advantages as seen below.

·         Bolsters Leadership skills

When you give your children a chance to explore foreign culture, they are able to broaden their ideas in terms of interacting with new students and making friends, making food choices on their own, and figuring out how to accomplish their basic needs.

This goes a long way in developing confidence and encourages them to accept more leadership responsibilities. Further, they develop their own sense of conviction and can differentiate between right and wrong without relying on other people’s opinions. 

·         Enjoy and Appreciate the Outdoors

One of the most popular activities for school trips abroad is camping. A school trip is hardly complete without it. Camping gives students and their supervisors an opportunity to marvel at nature and enjoy extraordinary scenic views. Without getting distracted by electronic devices, students can immerse themselves in discovering the sounds and sights of nature and get wowed at its beauty.

In the process, they understand the importance of caring for nature as well as get ideas on how to go about it. According to studies, being outdoors is one way of enhancing overall health. What’s more, being in a relaxing place where you don’t have to worry about homework and studies can be rejuvenating for the students and their teachers too.

Camping also keeps students physically active and this plays a major role in enhancing their overall health. Another benefit of going to summer camp for students is: they get exposed to scientific ideas.

Remember, science is present in nature and involves telling the difference between poisonous and non-poisonous plants, learning about the different tree, animal, and plant species, going fishing, and even learning about the stars.

·         Exposure to New Languages

School trips abroad present students with a great opportunity to learn a new language or even master a language they probably have been struggling with in real time. You don’t necessarily have to be a language student to learn a new language. Teachers too can participate in learning some of the basic phrases of a new language. This promotes student interaction and helps them enjoy the trip more.


There are numerous benefits of school trips as we have seen above. Parents should allow their children to attend at least one school trip abroad if they can afford it. Not only do the students enjoy, but they also get to make new friends and diversify their knowledge.

Schools that want to do Switzerland Summer Camp Trips and Meet up with New Students

While Switzerland is a small country, it’s a beautiful place with an exceptional diversity. There are three semantic regions in the country, and these have innovated their unique traditions, culture, cuisine, and economy. Still, numerous foreigners have permanently relocated to Switzerland and introduced different languages and cultures in the country.

Switzerland prides itself in having four national languages. In addition, more than 21% of the entire population is made of foreigners, making the country a multicultural hub located at the core of Europe. While a big percentage of Swiss residents speak German, they are also fluent in two languages and this makes the region ideal for studying and student interactions. It’s no wonder then that Swiss schools that want to do trips and meet up new students for international schools are thriving. 

How is the Experience of Studying in Switzerland?

Switzerland’s topography, landscape, and leisure related activities are diverse just like the country’s culture. Switzerland is popularly known as a winter and summer sports hub and is home to metropolitan cities such as Basel, Zurich, and Geneva, as well as other small and sophisticated towns.

For long, Switzerland has been among some of the best tourist destinations across the world with fun and interesting attraction sites to marvel at. Lifestyle in the country depends on where you live. In today’s fast-paced world, the Swiss population is divided into people who dwell in the big cities, those who live in smaller cities and the others who live in rural areas. 

·         Food in Switzerland

Students studying in Swiss schools can sample the vast blend of German, French, and Italian cuisine. Regardless of their favorite meals, students are guaranteed to find them in this country. What’s more, there are numerous Swiss exotic dishes that students can try such as fondue. There is a wide variety of sumptuous desserts too such as cooked apples, brownies, and cookies. 

·         Living costs for Students in Swiss Schools

The cost of living in Switzerland is slightly high which is understandable, seeing that the country is among the most developed and wealthiest nations in the world. Still, studying in Swiss schools is cheaper than it is in other areas outside of Geneva and Zurich, even though food and other items can be more expensive compared to other regions across Europe.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, you may want to go for student housing associations. These offer you a wide variety of flats and rooms to fit your budget. It’s worth noting that the average prices will vary from one city to the other. 

·         Accommodation

One of the most important things you will be considering before choosing your learning destination is accommodation. There is a wide variety of housing options to choose from ranging from private rentals to university residences.

Some schools in Swiss provide accommodation for their international students depending on their terms and conditions. However, every student is tasked with finding their own accommodation and one of the most popular ways to do so is by renting a house, an apartment, or a room at the student’s residences.

If you are a student, and looking for international learning institutions, you may want to consider studying in Switzerland, seeing that Universities in the country offer you various programs for the ultimate study abroad experience. What’s more, the country is a perfect choice for you if you are a first-time traveler.

As we have mentioned above, the culture is diverse and this allows students to learn and engage in new things. The best thing about this country is: you can still engage in the fun and exciting activities that you loved doing in your home country. With this ease, you shouldn’t have trouble settling in.

Of course, studying in international Swiss schools abroad can be challenging. However, students can go for winter or even summer vacations just to experience the country. This enables them to decide whether or not the experience is worth spending their entire semester. 

Top Switzerland Universities for International Students

There are various Universities in Switzerland to choose from, all of which offer tailored programs to ensure that students participate in vacations and get together events, enabling them to interact with new students from various parts of the world. Here are some of them. 

·         International University in Geneva

The International University in Geneva is one of the top ten business schools across the country, and among the best Universities for international students in Switzerland. The school focuses on both practical and theoretical study practices is ideal when it comes to preparing students for their international business careers.

The institution is a hub for culture, business, and politics. Further, Geneva is an ideal setting for studying which enables you to practice what you have learned theoretically in the actual world. Studying in Geneva comes with added advantages, especially because the city is located in the central part of Europe. This means that traversing to other cities is much easier. The school has made major strides in forming relationships both in and outside Switzerland. These have come in hand to assist students during their studying period and after graduating.

Courses in this International Swiss school are taught in English. The International University in Geneva has partnered with various schools in the US to ensure their students can complete their semester in Geneva and administer what they have learned in their home Universities. If you are looking for a short term study opportunity, The University in Geneva is ideal.

·         University of Geneva

The University of Geneva was inaugurated in the year 1559 and it’s the second biggest University in Swiss. It’s a globally recognized institution for both education and research. A third of students studying in this institution are foreigners. While Geneva is the hub of francophone Switzerland, this institution provides French support classes for non-French speaking students.

You can take both short term and regular full degree courses in this institution which are taught in English. The University of Geneva offers students various opportunities to engage in different recreational activities. Students will enjoy engaging in sports and other exciting activities across Switzerland.  

Business and Hotel Management School of Switzerland

This hospitality Swiss school is located in Lucerne for students interested in studying hospitality management, culinary arts, and international business management. The institution accommodates students from more than 65 destinations and focuses on giving you a maximum real-world experience.

The business and hotel management school in Switzerland is committed to ensuring that students succeed in the global hospitality industry. The school in Swiss has partnered with various institutions across the world to ensure that students get perfect training and experience during their studying period.

Apart from studying, the institution focuses on exposing students to practical activities such as camps and hiking which offer students a perfect opportunity to interact with other students from various institutions in and out of Switzerland. Whether you are looking for a short term or full degree program, BHMS should be in your bucket list. 

·         University of Bern

The University of Bern is located within the Switzerland capital. The institution is a political and cultural hub and pays special emphasis on gender sustainability and equality. Students studying at the University of Bern will benefit from the University’s commitment to innovate and enhance service delivery.

The city of Bern is home to numerous museums and the UNESCO world heritage site. Students will also enjoy the various forms of informal learning offered by the school. If you are planning to study at this University, you may want to enroll in German classes. Students can choose either short term or full degree courses which the school offers.

·         University of Lausanne

A big percentage of the students studying in this institution are international students. This not only allows you to mingle with students from various parts of the world, but it’s also a perfect opportunity for you to learn about different cultures and make new friends. Lausanne is popularly known for its art scene and archaic center. Further, the region is also a hub of the International Olympic Committee.

Even though various courses at this University are taught in French, the school in Swiss helps students to enhance their understanding of the French language. There is a school of the French department at the institution which offers French courses to its international non-French speaking students.

This not only helps students enhance their French language, but it also enriches their knowledge of culture and literature. Non-French speaking students can even choose to study during the summer and winter vacations. The institution offers both full degree and short term programs. 

·         University of Zurich

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and the University of Zurich is the largest in the region. The institution lies in one of the main global centers in the world and is popularly known for being among the best Universities in the country and entire Europe in general. This institution offers a wide range of academic programs for students depending on their needs.

Studying in a big institution is beneficial to students because they can be sure of finding a course that meets their requirements. There are numerous resources for international students in this institution aimed at giving students a smooth transition.

Zurich is home to numerous recreational activities and this institution exposes its students to the fun and exciting activities to help them find a balance between studies and their social life.


While Switzerland is a small country, it offers exceptional sights, a rich history, sumptuous food, and high-quality Swiss schools for international students. If you are looking for the ideal institution for your studies, Universities in Switzerland provide an all-round education for all students.

Transfers from and to the Geneva Airport

How and where do you welcome children coming by airplane?

Arrival desk at the airport

Les Elfes welcomes campers in the arrival hall of the Geneva Airport (GVA).
We have our own office here.
Our friendly and helpful staff will take care of the youngsters right away and then drive them with our private bus to the campus. Our campus can be easily reached within 1h50 after leaving the Geneva airport.

This is a video made by our staff during an arrival day: