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Best Summer Vacation Activities in Europe for Students from India

The onset of summer sends a wave of excitement to people from all walks of life. Many people and especially parents with school-going children will take a vacation during summer. If you’ve never visited Europe, you may want to do it this summer.

Europe is one of the most interesting continents in the world with incredible countries to visit. This is why it can offer the ultimate summer vacation for students from India. Take your time this summer and traverse through Europe.

Enjoy the diverse culture, participate in adventurous activities, try to overcome your fears by attempting activities you’ve always resisted, and whatever you do, remember to make your visit to the Alpine Mountains a forgettable experience. There are numerous activities that students from India will be happy to engage in as we shall see below.

Top 4 Europe Summer Fun Activity Ideas for Students from India

1) Take a Trip to One of the Biggest Waterfalls in Europe

Waterfalls are fascinating and if you’re visiting one of the biggest ones in Europe, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life. The Rhine falls emanate from the Rhine river which traverses through four countries from the Alps all the way to the North Sea. The river in itself is a sight to behold and has gained popularity as one of the most appreciated works of nature in Europe.

The Rhine falls are 150 meters wide complete with an estimated 23-meter drop. The magnitude of these falls makes it an interesting place to visit. Students can even swim or engage in other water sports related activities. If you have a fear for large volumes of water, you can be sure that by the time you’re done with your trip, your fears will all be gone.

The Rhine falls are popularly known for having huge volumes of water, and this has been a major reason why many visitors have come from far and wide just to marvel at the wonderful falls. The good thing about the Rhine falls is that they are easily accessible. You can drive to the site, take public transportation, or even cycle if you’re more adventurous.

If you can, then cycling is the best option because you’ll get a feel of the surroundings as well as get a better view of the environment. You’ll even make new friends on your way and get to understand European culture better. Another interesting fact about the Rhine falls is that it features a rail bridge which crosses the river right above the falls.

You’ll be excited to learn that there is a pedestrian path which ensures that all visitors can get a better view of the falls from different angles. The rail bridge crosses the river just above the falls and it also incorporates a pedestrian path allowing for visitors to walk completely around the falls and the Rhine Falls basin to view this spectacle from every possible viewpoint.

2) Go Bungee Jumping at the Contra Dam

The contra dam is popularly known as Verzasca dam. The dam is an exclusive architecture which has attracted visitors from all corners of the world. Apart from being the perfect summer vacation for Indian students, it’s an adventurous activity that will help them overcome their fear of heights. So, how can bungee jump offer the best summer vacation for students from India? Students spent a long time studying.

During vacations, they should engage in adventurous activities to refresh their brains. Bungee jumping is ideal for older students. The contra dam is also ideal for various recreational activities and students from India will benefit from engaging in fun outdoor activities. The Contra dam measures 220 meters in height and was used in a James Bond episode in the year 1995.

Of course, younger students can also visit the Contra dam for other incredible excursions and activities such as hiking. The good thing about hiking at the Contra dam is the students will learn and understand the history and strange facts about the dam structure. Once their vacation is over, they’ll have interesting stories to share with their friends back in India.

3) Go Paragliding

Paragliding is not for the faint at heart. What makes this a must try activities during summer vacation for students from India is the fact that students are curious, courageous, and willing to try any adventurous thing in the world. There are numerous benefits you can gain from paragliding.

These include; maintaining body balance, relieving stress accumulated from studying for exams, getting captivating sights and capturing them on camera, burning calories, triggering adrenaline rush which eventually helps students achieve overall body health, and most importantly, paragliding helps students overcome their fears and boosts their confidence.

A student who participates in paragliding will most likely be able to face the toughest things they may come across during their schooling days. If you want to engage in an unforgettable adventure, then you can go paragliding in Europe. There are numerous paragliding sites in various across Europe such as Zurich and Geneva. Remember to enjoy the scenic views too while at it.

4) Go Cliff Walking

Cliff walking is another fun activity that students will be excited to try. The Titlis cliff walk bridge is an incredible structure that you may be afraid to try at first especially if you have a fear for heights. If you’re courageous enough to walk along the 100-meter cliff. You’ll enjoy a captivating view of the surroundings.

You should overcome your fears and just walk along the cliff. After all, many people have walked there before and they lived to tell the amazing tale. You’ll not only overcome your fear of heights, but you’ll also gain the confidence to face more challenging activities. The Titlis cliff walk has been built in between two cliffs and is approximately 3,000 meters above sea level making it the highest suspension bridge across Europe.

One of the most interesting things about the Titlis cliff is that you’ll get better views of the Titlis glacier park as well as marvel at the breathtaking panoramic views. What’s more, you’ll be able to view the exquisite Glacier cave.

Daring students will also get the opportunity to swing their legs atop the Ice Flyer, the ski lift which carries visitors through the mountain peaks, as well as ride on the inaugural revolving cable car around the globe also known as the Rotair Gondola.

How will Students From India Benefit from the Long Summer Vacation?

Going on a summer vacation comes with numerous benefits to students as seen below.

– Improved Physical Health

Studies suggest that students who participate in outdoor activities regularly will be more active. Further, they have reduced risks of becoming obese as a result of increased physical activity. Students of all ages are more curious and will want to discover everything.

The perfect summer vacation for students from India in Europe even allows students to participate in gardening projects and educates them on how to make healthy food choices.

– Improved Immune system

When you’re exposed to sunlight, your body is able to produce vitamin D3 with ease. Students who go on summer vacations have better muscle and bone development. What’s more, vitamin D3 is critical for general health. Still, you need to be cautious as excessive sun exposure can be dangerous.

Remember to use sunscreen if you’ll be spending a long hour in the sun. Experts insist on the importance of spending more time outdoors saying that it can be all you need to protect yourself from allergies.

– Enhanced Cognitive Expertise

Students can enhance their cognitive skills such as better memory, improved reasoning skills, and enhanced concentration. Studies suggest that exposure to the outdoors and nature can stimulate brain development in students and help them to be innovative, become more interested in discovering new things and engaging in new tasks and become more willing to take risks.

– Psychological Factors

Spending time outdoors helps students to gain psychological benefits. Studies suggest that when they’re exposed to nature, their brains relax and they become calmer and less susceptible to anger.

Many students especially teenagers who go on summer vacation for students in India will be less moody, less stressed or even depressed, will harbor more respect for their elders, and will be in their best behavior most of the time. Further, students will be more able to control their emotions when they go on a summer vacation.

If you want to discover how exposure to nature and the outdoors helps your students, you may want to study the Attention Restoration Theory which gives a comprehensive explanation on the psychological benefits of exposure to nature and the natural world.

According to studies, it’ll take the average student more concentration to catch up with the modern world and this can make them stressed, fatigued, and even irritated. These negative moods can be relieved by regular exposure outdoors.


If you’re looking for the ideal strategies to enhance the wellbeing of your children, then take them on summer vacation for students in India. Going somewhere away from the hustles and bustles of the city can be all that your child requires to cut down stress and relax their brains.