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Europe is by far one of the best continents to visit with your family. They have lots of tourist attractions, extremely cold weather, and European hospitality that is renowned worldwide. However, it can be quite overwhelming as a first-timer to plan things out for the rest of the trip.

Don’t worry! We got you covered. In this article, we will be giving you a head start on some important trips to go on with your family in Europe.

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How to Plan for a Trip to Europe

Going to Europe means getting all the important documents such as passports, visas, personal identifications, and many more. To help you with those, here are some of the things on how you should plan your family trip to Europe.

Les Elfes Autumn Camps - Trip to Europe

·     Plan Everything

Going to Europe is not a simple thing. It should be carefully planned with all the members of the family involved. Going to different tourist attractions or going through some of their festivities should be planned accordingly.

·     Provide Important Documents

Important documents such as personal identifications, boarding passes, hotel and resort accommodation, cash, and credit cards should always be checked before leaving the house. A misplaced important document can easily spell disaster to the entire trip.

·     Book Local Day and Night Tours

Europe has lots of impressive cities at its disposal. Going on a tour with a family isn’t advisable. The best way to enjoy every destination is to book your family for a day or night tour. In this way, you get to experience some of Europe’s finest tourist attractions and spots. 

·     Check for any Health Restrictions

The pandemic has made it difficult for us to visit each country, and each country has its health restrictions such as going through different kinds of tests proving you and the rest of the family are negative against COVID-19. Before choosing a location, ensure that the city or country you are visiting has a low number of COVID cases.

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Best Road Trips to Take for your Family in Europe 

One of the best things about Europe is that you can just easily go on road trips and explore the ins and outs of this magnificent continent. As long as you have an international driver’s license or know how to get an international driver’s license, the best bet is to rent a car and explore.

·   Lake District, North England

If you happen to stop by at Lake District in northern England, you get to experience some of the best and picturesque views in Europe. Blue lakes, fertile farmlands, and a great sunset might just be what you are after once you get to experience its breathtaking view.

What makes this good for the family is that you can easily set up a picnic-style and have some quick snacks while taking some snaps. Along the road, you get to explore some local towns such as Windermere, Keswick, and Ambleside that also share the same passions.

· Atlantic Road, Norway 

Road trips are the best part whenever you visit Europe with your family. It cuts the cost down, and trips are more memorable and profound. The Atlantic Road in Norway is also one of the best road trips your family should encounter if you visit Norway. It has one of the best and most impressive mountain ranges combined with towering waterfalls and crystal clear lakes.

Why Should I Take Road Trips in Europe?

Road trips are undoubtedly one of the cheapest ways to explore countries, towns, and attractions in Europe. Road trips don’t require you to indulge yourself in 5-star hotels nor cuisines. As long as you have an international driver’s license or know how to get an international driver’s license, better grab that opportunity.

Les Elfes Autumn Camps - Trip to Europe driving


Europe is by far one of the best continents in the world. And the number of beautiful attractions and countries are sure to fire up your family’s spirit and mood. With road trips being a viable option, you should explore this type of way to explore Europe with your family.