Best Winter Camp Switzerland and the Must-Try Activities

Best Winter Camp Switzerland

Finding fun and interesting things for your children to engage in during winter can be an arduous task. What with the dark, long, and boring winter months? As a result, many people will spend most of their time curled up on the couch.

Some will be sipping hot chocolate while others will want to keep up with the latest movies. Such sedentary practices can thwart your effort to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Let’s find out some tips to help you survive the winter season. We shall also discuss some of the activities available at the best winter camp Switzerland. 

How to Survive the Winter Season

These tips will help you make it through winter with minimal struggle. 

Accept the Season

The sooner you accept winter regardless of the discomfort, the better it will be to cope. 

Change Your Priorities

The winter weather will leave you feeling sluggish. Counter the feeling by engaging in serene activities. You could also engage in activities you are passionate about. 

Dress Accordingly

Wear appropriate clothes to keep you warm. The best way to do so is by dressing up in layers. Ensure the clothes you wear are of good quality materials to help you survive the extreme cold temperatures. 


Exercising is an ideal way of igniting body warmth to keep the cold weather at bay. Try dancing, jogging, or engage in yoga practice. 

 Refurbish Your Surroundings

For the time you will be spending indoors, you want to make it pleasant and comfortable. Embrace fresh plants and flowers, scented candles, and attractive colors. Redecorating your home could go a long way to make it habitable.

Eat well and Drink Enough Water

Spiced, warming, and filling meals are ideal for extreme cold weather. Include complex carbs and root vegetables in your diet and drink lots of rejuvenating teas such as ginger, honey, and lemon tea. Include cinnamon in your coffee to make it tasty and help prevent blood sugar spikes. 

Best Winter Camp Activities in Switzerland

While winter can be extremely cold, there are numerous activities you can engage in to remain active. Spending time outdoors during winter comes with many health benefits.

Here are some outdoor activities for your child to try during a visit to the best winter camp in Switzerland. 


Snowboarding is a winter activity that has been in existence since the 1920s. It involves going down a snow-covered slope with a board fastened to your feet. The evolution of snowboarding was inspired by surfing, skateboarding, sledding, skiing, and surfing.

If you are a skateboarding enthusiast, then you will enjoy snowboarding too. Your child can participate in snowboarding whether they are beginners or advanced level.

Novice snowboarders should descend a moderately inclined slope. Seasoned snowboarders, however, can descend from more challenging peaks.    


Skiing activity during winter

Skiing is the most popular activity during winter. Skiing down the slopes on snow is a thrilling experience that both adults and children enjoy. You will find that many of the skiing areas are located inside the best winter camp in Switzerland. This means that there will be other interesting activities for your child to engage in. 


Sledding is a less complex winter activity that participants can execute in a seated position. This is an ideal activity to engage in on a sunny albeit winter afternoon in one of Switzerland’s best winter camps.

Sleds come in varying sizes and shapes making it ideal for both adults and children. To enjoy this activity, you will need a sled and a snow-filled hill before you can slide down.

Sledding involves sliding down and carrying the sled up the hill again before repeating the activity. This can be tedious but quite interesting. 


Camping during winter can seem impossible but it is achievable. Many schools in Switzerland organize the best winter camps which the children find interesting. Children get a chance to engage in skiing and other winter-based activities regardless of their level of experience. What’s more, going camping is a good way of exploring and marveling at the beauty that is Switzerland. 



Do you enjoy hiking but dislike the idea of wading through heavy snow? If you do, then snowshoeing is what you should try. This activity allows you to marvel at Switzerland’s natural and beautiful winter scenes.

You don’t need previous experience to engage in snowshoeing. Snowshoes available today are way larger compared to ordinary snow boots.

They are specially designed to cover up a larger surface area and reposition the participant’s weight. This enables them to walk rather than sink in the snow. Snowshoeing is a great way of hiking and convenient for all ages. 

Ice Skating

Ice skating involves gliding through an ice surface with blades attached at the bottom part of the shoes. These are also known as skates. If you are a beginner, watching experienced skaters can be quite interesting. While you may be convinced that it’s easy to execute, it may take months before you can finally master the tricks.

Construct Something

constructing something on the snow

The best winter camp Switzerland can never be complete without constructing something on the snow. Snowman is one of the most popular sculptures during winter. Children can also exercise their creativity by making other snow sculptures depending on their preferences. For instance, children can build a slide of a snow fort. 

Try Ice Fishing

If you are passionate about fishing, you may want to try ice fishing. In this activity, participants drop a fishing line in a water body to catch fish. You may manage to go ice fishing in a heated cabin developed above the fishing hole depending on the winter camp you’re visiting. This activity is not different from traditional fishing. The only difference here is that it’s colder. 

Snow Tubing

Snow tubing is an advanced form of sledding, and the snow tube is usually unstable. While it can fit several people, determining whether it will go faster or slower can be difficult. You should exercise caution while snow tubing to avoid hitting uneven surfaces. Doing so can scatter everybody inside the tube into different directions. 

Enjoy a Bonfire

Few things can beat sitting around a bonfire and enjoying the warmth while sharing interesting stories. Many children from different countries and cultures visit the best winter camps in Switzerland each winter. Children will have a chance to bond with one another and learn from each other. The best way to enjoy a bonfire is to have some biting at hand. 

Toboggan Rides

Toboggan rides are an exciting way of enjoying the outdoors during the winter in Switzerland. The conventional toboggan is made using restrained parallel wood slats. These are bent backward and up at the front to form a flat J shape.

A thin rope is then driven through the edge of the curved area to offer simple steering. Modern toboggans are made using plastic, wood, or aluminum. Toboggan riding involves sliding down snow-coated slopes.

Several people can ride the toboggan at once in a sitting or lying prone position. The equipment can be controlled by lifting and spinning the front. This can also be executed by moving a foot slowly along the snow. The toboggan can also be used to drag loads through wilderness trails. 

Dog Sledding 

Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is a popular winter activity in Switzerland with various designated regions for the same. This activity also allows you to marvel at some of the sensational views in Switzerland. 

About Les Elfes

Les Elfes is a popular resort located in Verbier which has been in existence for thirty years. The resort has evolved over the years and today boasts several campuses in Verbier. Les Elfes has a 250 bed capacity for students attending camp in different seasons.

The camp hosted 500 students in the first year of its inauguration and today hosts up to 5,000 campers from different countries annually. Up to 200 international schools participate in one of the many programs that are on offer at Les Elfes. More than 100 staff members work at Les Elfes. 

What’s Unique about Les Elfes?

Les Elfes remains open throughout the year. There are numerous mountain sports and festivals that attract visitors from various parts of the world. During winter, campers will enjoy snow-coated streets complete with alluring wooden chalets.

There is a large ski area with approximately 100 lifts providing access to more than 400km of pistes. Beginners will enjoy a ski area located in the village which guarantees convenience and safety. Les Elfes offers ski lessons during spring. This is the ideal time for beginners to learn how to ski. 

Summer Activities

Summer activities in Les Elfes include:

  • Mountain biking
  • Ropes course
  • Rock climbing session
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Hiking

Winter Activities

Les Elfes is popularly known for offering exciting winter activities. These include:

  • Ice skating
  • Skiing
  • Game competitions
  • Campfires and 
  • Snowboarding

School Trips

Les Elfes offers both ski and field trips where students engage in various activities and educational programs. Over the years, this resort has evolved to become one of the safest and highly supervised regions. 


Are you considering going camping at the best winter camp Switzerland? There are numerous outdoor activities you can engage in during the cold season. Being active is beneficial for your health. It will also help you counter winter blues. 

Schools that want to do Switzerland Summer Camp Trips and Meet up with New Students

While Switzerland is a small country, it’s a beautiful place with an exceptional diversity. There are three semantic regions in the country, and these have innovated their unique traditions, culture, cuisine, and economy. Still, numerous foreigners have permanently relocated to Switzerland and introduced different languages and cultures in the country.

Switzerland prides itself in having four national languages. In addition, more than 21% of the entire population is made of foreigners, making the country a multicultural hub located at the core of Europe. While a big percentage of Swiss residents speak German, they are also fluent in two languages and this makes the region ideal for studying and student interactions. It’s no wonder then that Swiss schools that want to do trips and meet up new students for international schools are thriving. 

How is the Experience of Studying in Switzerland?

Switzerland’s topography, landscape, and leisure related activities are diverse just like the country’s culture. Switzerland is popularly known as a winter and summer sports hub and is home to metropolitan cities such as Basel, Zurich, and Geneva, as well as other small and sophisticated towns.

For long, Switzerland has been among some of the best tourist destinations across the world with fun and interesting attraction sites to marvel at. Lifestyle in the country depends on where you live. In today’s fast-paced world, the Swiss population is divided into people who dwell in the big cities, those who live in smaller cities and the others who live in rural areas. 

·         Food in Switzerland

Students studying in Swiss schools can sample the vast blend of German, French, and Italian cuisine. Regardless of their favorite meals, students are guaranteed to find them in this country. What’s more, there are numerous Swiss exotic dishes that students can try such as fondue. There is a wide variety of sumptuous desserts too such as cooked apples, brownies, and cookies. 

·         Living costs for Students in Swiss Schools

The cost of living in Switzerland is slightly high which is understandable, seeing that the country is among the most developed and wealthiest nations in the world. Still, studying in Swiss schools is cheaper than it is in other areas outside of Geneva and Zurich, even though food and other items can be more expensive compared to other regions across Europe.

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, you may want to go for student housing associations. These offer you a wide variety of flats and rooms to fit your budget. It’s worth noting that the average prices will vary from one city to the other. 

·         Accommodation

One of the most important things you will be considering before choosing your learning destination is accommodation. There is a wide variety of housing options to choose from ranging from private rentals to university residences.

Some schools in Swiss provide accommodation for their international students depending on their terms and conditions. However, every student is tasked with finding their own accommodation and one of the most popular ways to do so is by renting a house, an apartment, or a room at the student’s residences.

If you are a student, and looking for international learning institutions, you may want to consider studying in Switzerland, seeing that Universities in the country offer you various programs for the ultimate study abroad experience. What’s more, the country is a perfect choice for you if you are a first-time traveler.

As we have mentioned above, the culture is diverse and this allows students to learn and engage in new things. The best thing about this country is: you can still engage in the fun and exciting activities that you loved doing in your home country. With this ease, you shouldn’t have trouble settling in.

Of course, studying in international Swiss schools abroad can be challenging. However, students can go for winter or even summer vacations just to experience the country. This enables them to decide whether or not the experience is worth spending their entire semester. 

Top Switzerland Universities for International Students

There are various Universities in Switzerland to choose from, all of which offer tailored programs to ensure that students participate in vacations and get together events, enabling them to interact with new students from various parts of the world. Here are some of them. 

·         International University in Geneva

The International University in Geneva is one of the top ten business schools across the country, and among the best Universities for international students in Switzerland. The school focuses on both practical and theoretical study practices is ideal when it comes to preparing students for their international business careers.

The institution is a hub for culture, business, and politics. Further, Geneva is an ideal setting for studying which enables you to practice what you have learned theoretically in the actual world. Studying in Geneva comes with added advantages, especially because the city is located in the central part of Europe. This means that traversing to other cities is much easier. The school has made major strides in forming relationships both in and outside Switzerland. These have come in hand to assist students during their studying period and after graduating.

Courses in this International Swiss school are taught in English. The International University in Geneva has partnered with various schools in the US to ensure their students can complete their semester in Geneva and administer what they have learned in their home Universities. If you are looking for a short term study opportunity, The University in Geneva is ideal.

·         University of Geneva

The University of Geneva was inaugurated in the year 1559 and it’s the second biggest University in Swiss. It’s a globally recognized institution for both education and research. A third of students studying in this institution are foreigners. While Geneva is the hub of francophone Switzerland, this institution provides French support classes for non-French speaking students.

You can take both short term and regular full degree courses in this institution which are taught in English. The University of Geneva offers students various opportunities to engage in different recreational activities. Students will enjoy engaging in sports and other exciting activities across Switzerland.  

Business and Hotel Management School of Switzerland

This hospitality Swiss school is located in Lucerne for students interested in studying hospitality management, culinary arts, and international business management. The institution accommodates students from more than 65 destinations and focuses on giving you a maximum real-world experience.

The business and hotel management school in Switzerland is committed to ensuring that students succeed in the global hospitality industry. The school in Swiss has partnered with various institutions across the world to ensure that students get perfect training and experience during their studying period.

Apart from studying, the institution focuses on exposing students to practical activities such as camps and hiking which offer students a perfect opportunity to interact with other students from various institutions in and out of Switzerland. Whether you are looking for a short term or full degree program, BHMS should be in your bucket list. 

·         University of Bern

The University of Bern is located within the Switzerland capital. The institution is a political and cultural hub and pays special emphasis on gender sustainability and equality. Students studying at the University of Bern will benefit from the University’s commitment to innovate and enhance service delivery.

The city of Bern is home to numerous museums and the UNESCO world heritage site. Students will also enjoy the various forms of informal learning offered by the school. If you are planning to study at this University, you may want to enroll in German classes. Students can choose either short term or full degree courses which the school offers.

·         University of Lausanne

A big percentage of the students studying in this institution are international students. This not only allows you to mingle with students from various parts of the world, but it’s also a perfect opportunity for you to learn about different cultures and make new friends. Lausanne is popularly known for its art scene and archaic center. Further, the region is also a hub of the International Olympic Committee.

Even though various courses at this University are taught in French, the school in Swiss helps students to enhance their understanding of the French language. There is a school of the French department at the institution which offers French courses to its international non-French speaking students.

This not only helps students enhance their French language, but it also enriches their knowledge of culture and literature. Non-French speaking students can even choose to study during the summer and winter vacations. The institution offers both full degree and short term programs. 

·         University of Zurich

Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland and the University of Zurich is the largest in the region. The institution lies in one of the main global centers in the world and is popularly known for being among the best Universities in the country and entire Europe in general. This institution offers a wide range of academic programs for students depending on their needs.

Studying in a big institution is beneficial to students because they can be sure of finding a course that meets their requirements. There are numerous resources for international students in this institution aimed at giving students a smooth transition.

Zurich is home to numerous recreational activities and this institution exposes its students to the fun and exciting activities to help them find a balance between studies and their social life.


While Switzerland is a small country, it offers exceptional sights, a rich history, sumptuous food, and high-quality Swiss schools for international students. If you are looking for the ideal institution for your studies, Universities in Switzerland provide an all-round education for all students.