How to go about Planning a Field Trip Checklist

Field trips are not only exciting and academically beneficial, but they also give students great experiences and indelible memories. 

Regardless of the benefits, some schools encounter budget reductions. This means that accessing admission to cultural centers, historical museums, and other attraction sites can be almost impossible. 

Various tips can help you understand what goes into planning a field trip checklist. In this post we shall discuss:

  • How to plan a field trip
  • Checklist for teachers and parents to ensure that students have everything they need to make the trip a success 

About Field Trips

Many times, field trips are not given proper consideration in the educational curriculum. Today, however, many schools are realizing the importance of field trips and incorporating them into the school program.

Les Elfes offers field trips for students from different parts of the world. There are numerous things for your students to learn at this resort as seen below.



There are various sports activities for the students to engage in. They will learn how to use different sports equipment and gain the confidence to attempt a vast range of sporting activities. 

Team Building and Social Skills

Les Elfes organizes field trips that bring together students from across the world. This creates an ideal environment for them to mingle, get to know one another, and make friends. By working together, the students can strengthen their team spirit. 

Individual Development

Field trips at Les Elfes are exceptional experiences that help promote both group and individual development.

Can Students Benefit from Attending International Field Trips?

Yes. There are numerous benefits of attending field trips overseas which include:

·         Enhanced Self Awareness

The world is fast becoming a global village thanks to the internet. However, experiencing a different country with different cultures and exciting scenery is marveling. 

It allows students a better experience than they would achieve from watching videos or looking at photographs. 

·         Enhanced Cultural Awareness and Appreciation

Going for an overseas school trip enables students to discover and embrace different cultures. They can learn a new language, various customs, and sample a wide range of food options. Further, they get to develop relationships with different people. 

·         Attempting New Things

Many parents struggle with encouraging their children to try new things. A field trip is an excellent way of getting the kids all excited to attempt new things.

These include: learning a new sport or language, sampling new food, discovering the new country, and discovering different methods of traveling. 

How to Plan a Field Trip

Understanding the process of planning a field trip is crucial. Teachers who are preparing to take students for an outdoor learning experience can benefit from this skill. Here is how to go about it.

·         Choose Your Preferred Location

Deciding where you want to go can be an arduous task especially if you have various choices. Involve your students and colleagues in assessing and weighing your options.

Consider places that focus on enhancing your curriculum objectives. Further, you need to conduct extensive research to figure out the practicality of your ideas.

Assess the cost involved and the services you and your students will enjoy.

Enquire about their operational schedule. This will help you determine whether they will be open for business when you visit.

Remember, you can always ask your students for their preferred locations and activities they would like to engage in. 

·         Why Choose Les Elfes?

les-elfes for activities

While Les Elfes is a ski resort, there are various other activities you can engage in. Apart from having trained and experienced staff, there are state-of-the-art facilities designed to maximize your learning experience.

Further, there are stringent safety standards in place to protect each student. You can be assured that your child will be safe throughout the trip.

Located in Verbier, one of the largest and most popular ski areas in Switzerland, numerous students visit the resort every year.

Guides will help students to navigate their way through the expansive resort.

·         Plan

Planning is a crucial step if you are to achieve a successful field trip. What’s more, you will need to exercise caution when planning a field trip checklist to ensure you have all your essentials.

Often, student-based field trips involve going outside the school compound and discovering a new environment.

Consider the age group of your students and establish what they expect from the trip.

For instance, if you are traveling with young students, consider taking them over to the park. Here, they will have all the freedom and space to engage in their preferred activities.

·         Older Children

If you are dealing with older children, chances are that their field trip will be integrated with a particular learning goal. For these trips to succeed, you should work harder to collect the required materials, to facilitate activities. 

You will also need to:

  • Obtain approval from the administration
  • Visit your preferred location beforehand to assess the area and designate different places for your planned tasks, and
  • Come up with a program of activities

Prepare Your Students for the Trip

Studies suggest that students will learn more from a field trip if they can relate it with classroom lessons.

Are you dealing with older students? Try to incorporate activities relating to the field trip in some of your lessons before the trip.

Establish various trip-related activities that you and the students will use on-site or during your post-trip practice.

Where possible, create a video detailing the location you will be attending. For the ultimate experience, students shouldn’t carry their gadgets. This way, they will be fully immersed in the activities of the day. 

·         Lunch


If the students have to carry packed lunch, have them pack it in brown bags that they can easily recycle on-site. This is one way of teaching them how to be responsible when it comes to taking care of the environment. 

Proper Dressing

Monitor the weather and ensure the students dress in appropriate and comfortable gear. If you will be going for a one day trip, ensure all students eat a heavy breakfast. You can have them carry snacks to consume before lunchtime. 

Ensure Everyone Understands the Rules

Apart from planning a field trip checklist, you should also need to come up with rules for the field trip.

Focus on behavior conduct and discipline during the trip. Make copies of the rules and have the older students sign.

If you are dealing with younger students, train them in advance on acceptable practices during the field trip.

Place the students in small groups and have designated chaperones in advance. Where possible, you can even request their parents to become chaperones to enhance student discipline. 

Exercise Caution when Choosing Your Chaperone


You won’t be everywhere to monitor the students. This is why you will need trustworthy chaperones.

Send them letters requesting for their volunteering services in advance. Follow up-to confirm attendance before finally including them in your list.

Try to have three extra chaperones to act as backups just in case one fails to show up. Take the chaperones through an orientation process to ensure they are conversant with their responsibilities.

Discuss what you expect from them and make sure they are up to the task. Finally, ensure each chaperone has:

  • Name tags for all students and fellow chaperones
  • Enough label grocery bags that they can utilize to carry lunch and other items for their group
  • The rules, itinerary, a list of all students in individual groups, and the field trip organizer’s phone number

Planning a Field Trip Checklist for Teachers and Students

Whether you are a teacher or a parent, planning a field trip checklist helps you know the things you need.

The checklist comes in handy to ensure that you and your students have everything you need for the field trip. Many people struggle with planning a field trip checklist.

Here are checklist examples to make the process easier. 


First Aid

Often, teachers are tasked with planning the field trip. This checklist will come in handy to ensure that you don’t forget crucial things.

What to pack

  • Dated and signed permission slips
  • Lunch cards or packed lunch
  • Enough money to cater for the trip’s expenses. You can either carry the student’s money or have them carry it safely in their bags
  • Student and chaperone contact details
  • First aid kit
  • Allergy forms and first aid kits
  • Equipment and gear to cater for sudden weather changes

Teachers should also have:

  • Booked the bus and obtained the driver’s contact details
  • Presented a plan for the students who will not be attending the field trip
  • Prepared a schedule for the trip and sent copies to the chaperones and parents
  • Notified the school’s administration about students who will not be attending the trip


Before your child embarks on the field trip, you want to ensure you have packed:

  • Lunch if need be
  • Pocket money for emergencies and souvenirs
  • Appropriate gear to help them cope with the weather change
  • Motion sickness medication
  • Contact details of immediate family members or guardians
  • A camera to capture the moments

Ensure you have:

  • Discussed the trip itinerary with the teacher in charge and the chaperones
  • Signed the permission slip and given it back to the trip organizers
  • Presented your contact details 
  • Ensured that your children can memorize your phone number


Field trips are not only exciting, but they also help students to interact with new people and learn different cultures. Further, it is the perfect chance to explore different locations and learn new things. As a parent, releasing your child to attend a field trip can be a daunting albeit rewarding task. 

How Les Elfes is going Green?

Dear All,

Winter camp is underway but now we look ahead towards warmer months, soon our Summer Camps will be underway and in this article, we discuss Les Elfes Green and a few new environment awareness activities. 

Welcoming over 5000 kids a year from all over the world, we have a big responsibility. A camp is a fantastic tool for children to develop a range of skills and a great place to learn about a vast number of topics, away from the classroom. 

One topic we are especially keen on is our climate, the impact we have on our environment and in general, being more aware of how small changes can make a big difference. We, therefore, have looked at ourselves as a company and how we operate, leading by example as best we can, the challenge is certainly a big one. 

We started with several changes, from stopping the use of disposable plastics and switching to washable reusables, reducing the amount of paper we use, and we plan to go fully electronic with our day to day admin with the use of notebooks, to better controlling the heating systems and lights. 

We decided to introduce activities that could teach students about Sustainability

During our summer camps we have introduces one activity in each of our age groups that will involve educating the campers ion our local climate and some hands-on service type work: 

Discoveries: The campers will take the cable car to Mt Fort, the highest point in Verbier at 3300m, the group will learn about the glacial retreat in the region, and in fact, up until 1999 there was skiing in summer at Mt Fort. The group will take part in some fun outdoor activities geared towards better understanding the effects of climate change, help children fall in love with nature, and to try and build eco-friendly habits for the whole family. 

Explorers: The Explorers last year took part in our tree planting schemes, and this year we endeavour to go back to the same site and see how our young saplings have done, and to carry on with the scheme, understanding about how the local commune manages the forestry and the scale of work involved is both hands-on and a great learning experience.    


Pioneers: New to the Pioneers program is the Eco Project afternoon, Les Elfes is partnering up with Verbier Green where Josh and his team have been busy ‘to provide clear and concise materials to help business’s, private residence & Chalet companies recycle ALL materials, including plastics and food waste’ Understanding the scale of their task in Verbier, what they do behind the scenes, and importantly how they are having an impact on both the environment, as well as optimizing local business’ resources is really interesting and of course, the group will be hands-on and outside! 


The actions we have taken, in more details…

  • Recycling


Since 2011, Satom SA has been offering the collection of wasted food and its transport to the Methanation plant in Villeneuve. Once there, the wastes are used for the production of biogas, green electrical energy, heat, and compost.

  • Using renewable energy


At Les Elfes more than 94.4% of the energy used comes from renewable hydraulic energy. For a few years now, we have been part of Electra Hydris from ALTIS, a Blueelec labelled product resulting from the production of hydroelectric energy. 


With the idea of analysing the amount of food waste, Les Elfes became an official partner of Devore in 2019. KITRO, a special appliance from Devore, has been installed in Les Elfes kitchens to calculate the quantity of food that is thrown in the bins. After a few months of data collection, we will be informed of the results and actions to diminish the waste of food will be taken.



  • Les Elfes chefs have reduced the amount of meat on the menu, with of course retaining the nutritional requirements of a busy winter or summer program. 
  • Our food waste is also recycled, in fact in Switzerland on average each person is responsible for 190 kilograms of food waste per year, our aim is to greatly reduce this, by hygienically reusing food that would otherwise have been thrown away. For example, if the kitchen cooks 100 chicken breasts, and we only serve 70, then the remaining chicken is kept and used for chicken & mayo sandwiches the next day instead of throwing them away. We remind you, we NEVER use food that has already been served! 
  • We also look at ordering food from more local providers. All of our bread, dairy, meet most of our veg is from Switzerland or France, thereby, limiting the journey time our food takes to get here. 
  • Fresh food! Cooking and making our own food is greatly beneficial for the environment. 

 Campuses & Offices

  • We are trying to go paperless as much as possible, this is a real challenge, and more of a long term target. 
  • Outbuildings are checked each morning, and the heating is turned down low, lights turned off, and these small changes have a positive impact. Please read the signs on the back of your bedroom doors. 

Developing Robust Relationships with People from Different Cultures


Every day, people from various parts of the world are interacting with one another. As a result, learning about different cultures is fast becoming necessary. There are numerous ways of doing so as seen below. 

Be Deliberate about Starting Relationships with People from Different Cultures

Deciding to form friendships with people who are different from you is the first step towards understanding different cultures.

It’s worth mentioning that there are common factors that separate people from one another. For instance, people from different religions, economic groups, ethnic groups, and races are usually secluded from others in neighborhoods, jobs, and schools.

What can we do to Achieve Change?

To change this scenario, we should take effective steps to interact with one another and understand each other’s cultures.

You can achieve this in various was such as: moving to a multicultural neighborhood, joining a club or a sports team, working in a different country, going to an international summer camp or joining an organization that helps you interact with people from a different culture from yours.

Take some time to evaluate the diversity from within. By so doing, you become more knowledgeable about the cultural differences around you. 

·         What does Les Elfes do to Encourage Interactions from Different Cultures?

With more than thirty years of experience as a winter camp resort, there’s a lot for to learn. When it comes to cultural interactions at Les Elfes, the resort organizes various events each year.

These are attended by both students and adults from different countries across the world. You can be sure that nearly all cultures are represented at Les Elfes.

The resort is one of the only facilities that operate throughout the year.

Are you looking for the perfect way to interact with people from diverse cultures and understanding them?

There are numerous opportunities for you at Les Elfes. From the winter-related activities to cultural events and après-ski events, you will meet and make numerous friends.

·         Making Friends

People interact and make friends differently. However, striving to befriend people from different cultures allows you to view them as one of your own. Still, this may not be as easy as it sounds.

Often, you may need to create more time and be more persistent to succeed. It will take lots of determination and reaching out to understand people from different cultures without giving up.

Remember, some people will take time before they can trust you and this can be due to various reasons. For instance, people who have gone through abuse of societal torture will have a difficult time trusting strangers.

Remain focused towards achieving your goal and with will power you are guaranteed to succeed. Even though some people will discourage you along the way, keep pressing on. The effort you put could be what will save someone in distress. 

Be in Situations and Places where you can Meet Culturally Different People

Have you ever been in a position where you were the minority? If you haven’t, why not take the risk? Identify places where you are guaranteed of meeting culturally different people, and be the minority. It’ll really give you a fresh perspective on how other cultures feel when they live in countries without high degree of ethnicity.

Attend celebrations, meetings, or conferences where people from different parts of the world meet. Spend time in gathering places where you are likely to meet people from different cultures.

For instance: are you a lover of adventure? Do you know how to ski? Will you be attending any of the camping sessions that will be taking place in Verbier this year? If you will, then this will be a perfect opportunity for you to participate in multicultural activities and events.

·         About Verbier


Verbier, is the main resort in Switzerland’s greatest ski area where people from various parts of the globe meet.

Apart from the scenic and sunny environment, you get to explore the exciting and fun terrain.

Popular people meet here every year and you may just be lucky to hold meaningful conversations with some of them. Further, this would be a great opportunity for you to engage in new sporting activities.

There are numerous restaurants in Verbier and Les Elfes where people from different cultures frequent. These are must-visit areas when you go camping.

Approaching people from different cultures is not easy. However, you can be sure that they often notice and appreciate you when you attend their events. Many of them will be gracious enough to teach you about their culture.

The best way to overcome fear and anxiety in your efforts is to take someone along with you. 

Evaluate Your Biases when it comes to People from Different Cultures

Did you know that the entire humankind bears stereotypes and misinformation about culturally different people?

Often, we get this misinformation from listening to people’s discussions, watching television, or listening to the radio.

Do you recall hearing something peculiar about different cultures when you were younger? Chances are that everybody has come across stereotypes.

If you don’t make an effort to demystify some of these stereotypes, you will never learn the truth.

Do you want to facilitate your quest to develop relationships with culturally different people? If yes, strive to understand and debunk the false statements you have known for a long time.

One ideal way of understanding and dealing with your biases is by evaluating your thoughts and establishing where they emanated.

You can also understand stereotypes by discussing them with people with whom you share cultures. 

Listen to People’s Views about their Customs and Cultures

Wilds Culture

People from different cultures are happy to answer questions about their cultures and lives.

Still, asking some questions can feel weird at times. However, from a thoughtful point of view, asking questions plays a big role in understanding different cultures and developing relationships.

Remember, people are different and while some will be willing to share information about their cultures, others will be resistant. Embrace every moment in your journey and learn from each experience. 

Read Widely

You can gather information about other cultures in books and through the internet. Don’t just believe everything you hear. Strive to research and find out the details about cultural differences.

Remember, knowledge is power and taking time to learn about various cultures makes it easier to point out stereotypes. You don’t have to be experienced in people’s cultures. Having basic information comes in handy. 

Examples of Cultural Misunderstandings in History

Here are some of the documented misunderstandings in history from various parts of the world. 

·         The Hong Kong Street name that’s Unintentionally Written Backwards

Hong Kong Street Name

A Street in Hong Kong bears the name Rednaxela Terrace instead of Alexander. The misunderstanding came in because Western languages are read and written from left to right.

The Chinese language, on the other hand, is read and written from right to left. Chances are that the city clerk tasked with naming the street wasn’t conversant with English. 

·         Japanese Interpreter who had Problems Translating a Joke

After Jimmy Carter’s presidency was over, he proceeded to a Japanese college where he was to give a speech.

In a bid to prepare everyone, he decided to tell a short albeit not so funny joke according to him. Jimmy was utterly shocked when the interpreter translated the joke and made it seem shorter than he said it. The audience had no option but to laugh out loud.

The misunderstanding came in because President Jimmy Carter wondered how the interpreter could have made his joke shorter that it was meant to be.

It was after the president’s persistence that the interpreter admitted to having made a wrong translation. 

What Role does Diplomacy Play when it comes to understanding Different cultures?

Cultural diplomacy can be defined as a type of soft power and public diplomacy. It incorporates the exchange of information, ideas, language, art, and various aspects of culture among people, and their nations to promote mutual understanding.

Cultural diplomacy helps people from foreign countries to build an understanding of the ideals of nations. Cultural diplomacy acknowledges a nation’s soul to create influence.

Intriguing cultures around the world

One of the reasons why people travel is to experience and learn about new cultures. In many countries across the world, there are different cultures. Being able to immerse yourself in different cultures can be a limitless opportunity. Some of these cultures have been documented in books while others are secluded from the contemporary world. These include: 

·         Huli – Papua New Guinea

The Huli are among the most outstanding tribes in Papua, New Guinea, an island which is located in Oceania, and which hosts numerous people from different traditional tribes.

The Huli are not only fearless, but they are also proud warriors popularly known or their glamorous headdresses.

The unique manner in which they paint their bodies and faces with red ochre and yellow Ambua also sets them apart from the rest. 

·         Culture of Switzerland

Switzerland Flags

The culture of Switzerland, a small Alpine nation is influenced by the cultures of their neighboring countries of Italy, France, and Germany.

You can easily tell this from the fact that the main languages spoken in the aforementioned countries form three out of the four official languages spoken in Switzerland. The fourth language is Romansh.

Further, there are 26 cantons in the country and each of them has different traditions and customs. 


You can leverage the numerous opportunities available in Les Elfes to interact with people from different cultures. This way, you will learn and understand their practices and eventually drop any stereotypes and misunderstandings you have believed before. At Les Elfes, we have had over 5,000 campers attend from over 70 different cultures. We have languages courses in French, English & German, not to mention that many of our students and teachers speak various languages from around the world. The idea that your child will get exposure from many other cultures is guaranteed!

Planning for a Family Camping Trip? Here is the Ultimate Winter Camp for Kids Guide

Family Camping Trip

Going for winter camp with your children helps you create exceptional family memories. Your kids will be excited to try something new, especially if it’s their first camping trip. While the planning process can be challenging, the benefits are overwhelming. Here’s what you should do to maximize your camping experience

Before the Trip

Involve the kids in the planning phase. This enables them to understand what to expect from an adventurous trip. For first time campers, start practicing at home before you can finally head out for the winter camp for kids.

Winter is a season filled with risks. To have an effective and enjoyable trip, it’s important to understand and practice safety tips as we shall see later on. What should you do as a family before the beginning of your camping trip?

·         Make the Kids Excited about the Winter Camp Trip

Start talking about the camping experience and what to expect. Describe some of the exciting activities that you will engage in as a family. For instance, do you prefer exploring a winter camp? 

·         About Les Elfes

Winter Camp Trip

Les Elfes offers a wide range of winter-related activities for the entire family. Apart from learning different winter sports, children can enroll in new language lessons. The camp strives to nurture kids in various aspects of life such as leadership.

Having been in the industry for more than 30 years, the winter camp prides itself on having sufficient experience. The camp hosts up to 5,000 campers from different countries and nationalities.

Your children will be excited to meet and interact with other children from different parts of the world. What’s more, it will be the perfect opportunity to learn about new cultures and make new friends. Discuss these features with your kids and you can be sure that they will be looking forward to the trip. 

·         Read and Watch Movies about Your Destination

Today, you can access information with ease from the internet, books, and movies. Read books and watch winter camp-related movies as a family. Find relevant stories about kids who are passionate about camping.

Such stories will encourage your children to drop any fear, embrace change, and experience winter camping for kids. Carry the books and have the kids read them while in transit and after you arrive at your destination.

·         What to Pack

Packing is an activity that many people dread. However, you can make it more exciting by involving the kids. One great way of easing the process is by preparing a packing list for each of your kids. Inspect their packages once they are done to ensure that they have the right items.

Remember, camping with younger kids is usually quite different compared to camping with older children. Still, you will need almost the same things regardless of their ages. Some of the essential items you will need to prepare to include:

  • An extra pair of warm socks’
  • Extra batteries
  • Clothes pegs and a clothesline
  • Trash bags
  • Umbrellas
  • Rain ponchos
  • Can opener or corkscrew
  • A dish drying rack
  • A clock
  • A camera

If you will be camping at Les Elfes, there are various items both for sale and rent. This means you can still access some of these items at affordable prices. 

·         Consider the Weather

While you may be preparing for winter camp, you may want to know that Les Elfes offers all year long camps. Winter camps for kids, however, are ideal for families for different reasons. For instance, many people prefer camping in the summer. As a result, Verbier ski resort is a buzz of activities in summer making it congested and difficult to navigate, especially for kids. Many people, however, dread winter. A big percentage of the camps are nearly deserted and this would be the right time to visit as a family.

Remember to monitor the local forecast for the time you are planning to visit. Sometimes there will be strong rainfall and extremely cold conditions during winter. You may want to reschedule if the weather is not friendly. 

·         Test Your Gear

Camping Gear

Don’t wait until the camping day to test your camping gear. Start testing your equipment early to make sure everything is working well. Check whether your sleeping bags have functional zippers and ensure that the air mattress has no leaks.

Test your flashlights and change the batteries. Purchase an extra set of batteries for emergency purposes. Will you be setting up your winter camp for kids tent for the first time? Start learning how to do it by pitching it in your backyard. This is a great way of preparing your family for the actual camping process. 

·         Involve Kids in the Preparation Process

Don’t dominate the planning process. Remember, your kids may have practical suggestions for you. Sometimes, you may have to slightly adjust their ideas. However, give them credit for their contribution. This will encourage and make them feel appreciated. Incorporate their contributions to your plans.

For instance, your son suggests carrying the family piano along. You can choose a more winter camp for kids friendly item such as a swinging rope or even a hammock. You can find these in Verbier ski resort and some of the winter camps at Les Elfes.

Including the kids in the planning process makes them feel like they are part of the camping trip. Older kids can help with collecting and packing gear and other essentials. Your young kids, on the other hand, can prepare their items in readiness for inspection and packing. 

·         Keep Talking about the Forthcoming Trip

Continue discussing the camping trip to give each family member to raise any ideas and questions. This way, you will have sufficient time to handle any pressing matters and make adjustments accordingly.

Discuss the activities each member will participate in. will you go for winter hiking? Will there be a campfire? What activities will you engage in during the day and in the evening? Remember, kids can read your mood and your attitude will influence their perception about the trip.

Maintain a positive attitude throughout and they too will be excited about it. The positive perception will play a big role in navigating any setbacks you may encounter at the campsite. 

·         Camping Trial at Your Backyard

If you’ve never had a backyard camping experienced, you are missing a lot. Adults who had this experience remember it to date with lots of nostalgia. Kids enjoy pitching a tent in the backyard and perceive it as a wilderness camping experience.

The only difference would be that there are more conveniences for backyard campers such as gadgets and home-cooked meals. Camping in the backyard is an ideal way of preparing the kids for the winter camp for kids experience.

Pleasing young kids can be effortless seeing that every out of the ordinary activity seems adventurous to them. Further, they are genuinely excited by the little things. For instance, it doesn’t matter whether they sleep in the latest designer sleeping bags. They will be happy to sleep in a simple sleeping bag especially if it’s the first time. 

·         How to go about it

Begin by letting the kids pick out what they need for the camping trial. Some of the items can include: glow sticks and flashlights. Throw in some other cheap and exciting accessories such as bracelets and necklaces made with glow tubing for more lighting and fun.

When night falls, walk around the forest close to your home and teach the kids how to use their flashlights. You can also opt to light up the surrounding area and your path by wearing headlights. Set up other things inside the camp just to have an overview of how your actual tent will look like.

You can also light up a fire at night and burn some marshmallows in preparation for the actual camping experience. Have your kids sharpen their sticks in readiness to cook food over the fire. 

Ideas for Backyard Camping for Your Kids

Backyard Camping

Make your camping realistic by sticking to the backyard tent unless one wants to use the bathroom. Put sufficient food to last for the days you will be camping inside a cooler. You can either light a fire in your backyard or have a small stove that you can use to grill food.

Backyard camping provides an opportunity for the entire family to share duties, bond, prepare meals together, and share stories. Leave all your electronics inside the house to facilitate interaction with minimal destruction.

Children can try exciting activities such as jungle adventure or scavenger hunting with surprises hidden across the backyard. This will not only be fun, but it will also be ideal for your camping experience with the kids. 

Organizing a Parody Camping Trip

To better prepare for your upcoming winter camp for kids, organize a parody camping trip to a campsite within your locality. This means you will be closer to home and will be in a position to dash and pick anything you may have forgotten. This will help you identify things you may have missed out on in your previous preparation list.


Have you chosen your next camping site? If not, why not explore Verbier ski camp or any of the numerous winter camps for kids in Les Elfes? Camping at Les Elfes allows you to enjoy excellent services from experienced and qualified staff. You will also be able to rent camping and ski gear where necessary.

The main language spoken at the camp is English. Both the kids and adults will have an easy time communicating with the staff and their newly found friends. 

Graduating from Camping Age to University; what does Switzerland have to Offer?

Sending your children to summer and winter camps is beneficial. However, your children are growing older and will soon be headed to the University.

Have you thought about your children’s future?

Where do you want them to study?

Are you considering sending your child to international Universities?

In this comprehensive post, we shall: 

  • Have a brief introduction of Switzerland as a preferred camping destination
  • Available institutions of higher learning in Switzerland and their rankings across the globe

 Why go Camping in Switzerland? 

Whether you prefer going summer or winter camping, Switzerland is one of the most preferred camping destinations across the globe.

What with the beautiful environment to marvel at, sufficient snow during winter, and massive ski resorts?

Verbier, one of the largest ski resorts in Switzerland is where Les Elfes is located. Apart from being a leading all year-long camping resort, Les Elfes values diversity.

This explains why students attending camp will be exposed to a combination of fun and education-related activities.

Particularly, the facility values education both within the camp and after your children are past the camping age.

The team is committed to ensuring that children land in the best Universities that offer quality education in Switzerland.

Unlike in the past, Switzerland has evolved and is fast becoming a hub for international standard Universities that host students from various parts of the globe.

Every parent yearns for good quality education for their children and Switzerland is today one of the best learning destinations.

Your child will not only excel in their studies, but they will also prepare for their future in the career world. 

Universities in Switzerland 

Switzerland is popularly known for its outstanding chocolate manufacturers, sumptuous chocolates, and exhilarating mountain climbing activities.

However, when it comes to education these hardly matter.

The country is home to some of the highly ranked and globally recognized Universities across the globe.

A glance at the prominent university rankings exposes you to a good number of universities located in Switzerland.

University of St. Gallen, for instance, is ranked among the best institutions of higher learning in Switzerland.

The facility prides itself on having various law, engineering, medical, and business schools. The facility also has various unique colleges whose courses are recognized around the world.

Further, they are famous for being the most competitive and selective universities in the world.

Nine out the universities in Switzerland were featured in the QS World University Rankings 2019, where they were among the top 650 institutions of higher learning.

EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) and ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technol) were in the top 30 globally with five more universities being ranked among the top 200 best global universities.

These rankings are not only impressive, but they are a clear indication that; Switzerland is committed to ensuring that students receive the best education.

Universities in Switzerland are international both academically and in regards to their student communities.

Four out of the ranked universities in the country are ranked among the top 100 for having a good percentage of international students.

Further, Switzerland universities employ a big percentage of international academic staff as compared to universities in other various other countries.  

Swiss Universities that Ranked Among the Top 100 Globally 

These include: 

1.      ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technol)

ETH Zurich leads the other universities in Switzerland coming at number seven globally. It’s also the only non-UK European university to be ranked among the top 10 globally.

ETH University was initiated in 1855 and is already an established leader in technical and scientific fields.

This university prides itself on being associated with 21 extraordinary Nobel laureates. Currently, approximately 21,400 students are studying at the university’s two campuses.

One is located at the hub of Zurich while the other one is situated on the outskirts.

In the 2019 QS World University Rankings by Subject, this university was ranked at number three across the globe for natural sciences and the technology and engineering subject realm.

Teaching at the undergraduate level is executed in German and a big percentage of master’s courses are taught in English. 

2.      Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne


Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne was launched before ETH Zurich in 1853.

It comes close behind in the international ranking tables at number 22 across the globe in the 2019 QS World University Rankings.

In the same rankings by subject, this university comes at number 10 for technology and engineering, and number 13 for natural sciences.

Lausanne is located in the French-speaking region of Switzerland which means that a big percentage of all courses are executed in French.

However, some courses are taught in English. EPFL is approximately half the size of ETH Zurich and currently has approximately 11,100 students. 

3.      University of Zurich 

The University of Zurich has approximately 25,500 students making it the largest university in Switzerland.

It also prides itself on offering the country’s biggest selection of study programs. Today, the university is ranked at number 78 across the globe.

It combines teaching and researching a diverse subject range compared to EPFL and ETH Zurich. This institution also has a wide range of facilities all over Zurich city.

This university strives to reach out to the public which is why they have various public libraries, museums, events, collections, and educational programs.

These include senior citizens and children’s university. 

4.      École hôtelière de Lausanne 

EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality (SSTH) is part of the Swiss Hotel Association family, and a member of the EHL Group, a leader in the hospitality industry that has up to 3,000 hotels.

The institution’s degrees are among the most recognized across the world. A hospitality career is one of the best.

Not only does it take you places through numerous travel trips, but it exposes you to an international work environment, allows you to interact with people from different cultures, and helps you discover new things.

Where else to get the best hospitality training than the École hôtelière de Lausanne?

Swiss Education Group is an association of 5 privately-owned hospitality management institutions of learning with branches spread over 6 campuses located in different areas in Switzerland.

The institution currently has more than 6,000 students derived from 111 countries across the world, 

5.      University of Basel

The University of Basel was initiated in 1460 and is the oldest institution of higher learning in Switzerland.

It’s also among the oldest existing universities across the globe. This university is famed for accommodating a big percentage of international students.

This facility offers seven faculties. These are medicine, law, theology, business and economics, sciences, psychology, and social sciences. 

6.      University of Bern

The University of Bern is located in Bern, the capital city of Switzerland. This university doesn’t come to a single campus.

Rather, the schools and faculties are located in the Länggasse area which is part of the urban center referred to as the academic part of the city.

The university prides itself in having some of the most recognized faculty members.  

7.      International Institute for Management Development (IMD)

The International Institute for Management Development is committed to producing leaders who can change and develop society.

The university is an independent facility with a great reach and Swiss roots. Thus university was launched by business leaders to nurture business leaders.

IMD is steered by experts and a diverse faculty who strive to release real learning real impact via an exclusive combination of research, teaching, organizing development activities and coaching.

At this university, students are taught how to challenge what is and influence what can be.

For years, this university has remained a trusted partner for both organizations and individuals.

IMD has been ranked among the top five universities for executive education across the globe for 15 years and among the top three for eight years.

This university is the only business school in Switzerland and among less than a hundred institutions across the globe to win the strongly desired triple crown of accreditations from AMBA, EFMD EQUIS, and AACSB, also known as the gold standard of global best practice.

The university has improved its measurement and action efforts in sustainability in recent times.

One of the notable ratings the institution received was in 2019 when EcoVadis made public the university’s silver rating demonstrating year or year progression.  

8.      The University of St. Gallen (HSG)

The University of St. Gallen (HSG) was first established as a business academy in 1898 in the early days of St. Gallen embroidery.

The first lectures in this institution were held in 1899.

This university is committed to providing its students with a practice-based education guided by a unifying view of the law, economics, management, international affairs, and social sciences.

Currently, the facility has more than 8,800 students.

This university has continuously been ranked among the best business schools in Europe.

The Master’s Programme In international management and strategy offered at this school is ranked number 1 across the world in the Financial Times Masters in Management Ranking.

The institution’s Master in Banking and Finance comes in at number 6 in the same rankings.

The institution has received accreditations from various bodies such as AMBA, AACSB, and EQUIS, a clear indication of its commitment to providing a robust curriculum.

Students are guaranteed to attain the highest academic standards from this university. The university is committed to developing all-rounded students. 


These are some of the best-ranked universities in Switzerland. If you want to boost your knowledge and develop your career, choose one of these institutions. In part two of our Swiss University series, we shall delve into understanding university rankings, and reasons why parents should choose Switzerland as a learning destination for their children. 

Which Winter Sport Games are best for Your Child?

Winter Sport Games

While winter is dull, your children can still engage in various fun and exciting activities. Many children and adults alike tend to hibernate during the cold months which can take a toll on their health. Here are some winter sports games to keep your kids entertained and active outdoors. 

Cross Country Skiing 

In cross-country skiing, skiers depend on their motion to navigate through the snow-covered trail as opposed to ski lifts. This activity is among the numerous winter sports games that you can choose from for your children. In some regions, cross country skiing is used as a means of transportation.

This winter sport has evolved and is today likened to the original skiing from where different types of skiing emerged. Skiers shove themselves either by matching side to side or forward in a skating movement. They use their arms to thrust ski poles against the snow. 

·         2-3-Year-Old Kid

Kids can start learning cross country skiing from as early as 2 years. Some 3-year-old kids can attempt to ski on their skis. Often, children in this age group use short skis complete with a Nordic binding that harnesses on snow boots. The bindings prolong the lifespan of the ski boots and keep the kids warm. However, they restrict control. 

·         5 Year Old Kids

If your child is five years old and has been practicing regularly, chances are that they can use skis with a normal Nordic binding. While this allows more control, it’s worth noting that different children learn at different paces.

Parents can accelerate their children’s learning pace by being more involved. Are you looking for an adventurous albeit workout appropriate winter activity for your kids? If you do, you may want to try cross country skiing.  

Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of the winter sports games that are ideal for kids. It involves gliding over an ice surface with blades fixed at the bottom of ski boots, also known as skates. The popularity of this winter activity has given rise to other sports. These are speed skating, figure skating, and short track speed skating.

Figure skating involves the execution of different spins, jumps, and dance movements. Speed skating and short track skating, on the other hand, involve racing on ice skates.

Kids can start learning ice skating from the age of 3 years. However, they will need to be under yours or their instructor’s watch until they are between 5 and 6 years. By then they will have mastered the balance and coordination they need to perform complex skating movements.

One of the advantages of skating is that kids can either do it indoors or outdoors. Children should always wear skating approved gear such as a helmet, elbow and knee pads, and gloves for safety reasons. 

Dog Sledding

Dog Sledding

Dog sledding is a fun and exciting winter sports game for kids. Various winter resorts in Switzerland offer dog sled tours and novice musher lessons for kids. In this activity, sled dogs pull a sled through the snow trail.

Dog sledding is ideal for both kids and adults. It’s designed to help you relax while marveling at the alluring scenery as friendly and beautiful dogs pull the sled. This activity also instills communication and leadership skills in children. 

Ice Fishing

In ice fishing, children identify a hole on an ice-cold body of water and use fish hooks, lines, or spears to catch fish. The kids can either fish in heated enclosures or the open. Ensure your kids understand fishing safety rules before they can embark on these exciting winter sports games. Here are some tips to enhance your kid’s safety when they go fishing.

·         Dress Appropriately

Teach your kids how to dress according to the weather. Apart from dressing in layers, kids should wear a fleece or wool hat covering the ears, warm mittens, thick wool socks, and a muffler or scarf to protect the face and neck. 

·         Assess Ice Density

Testing the thickness of ice is critical before releasing your kids to go ice fishing. Always ensure that the ice is approximately 4 inches thick. Further inform your kids to avoid culverts, bridges, or streams. This is because flowing water from these sources can weaken the ice. 

·         Apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen is important both during summer and winter. Remember, radiation from the ice and snow can cause sunburns. Make sure your kids apply sunscreen with broad-range protection against UVB and UVA rays. They should also have an appropriate pair of sunglasses. 

·         Be Conversant with the Signs of Hypothermia

Learn how to recognize the signs of hypothermia. Watch out for unresponsiveness or excessive shivering. If you notice these symptoms, be sure to keep them warm and seek immediate medical attention. 

Always ensure that your kids wear a pair of ice recovery claws and an individual flotation gadget. These come in handy in the event a child slips inside the water. 

Snowboarding and Skiing

Snowboarding and skiing are the most popular winter sports games. Until recently, kids could only ski rather than participate in snowboarding. As winter sports games evolved and became more popular, many parents are enrolling their kids for snowboarding lessons.

In skiing, kids glide through the snow using skis. Snowboarding involves plummeting down a snow-covered slope on a board that’s fixed on the rider’s feet. They use specially designed boots established on a firmly fixed binding.

Snowboarding was inspired by sledding, skateboarding, skiing, and surfing. Kids can start learning from as early as 3 years with adult supervision. Older children can perform freestyle skiing. 


Curling is one of the kid-friendly winter sports games your children will be excited to try. This sport is similar to shuffleboard, boules, and bowls. To participate in curling, kids will be divided into two teams, each consisting of four players.

Every team has eight stones and they take turns in driving shiny and heavy granite stones over an ice curling sheet inside a house. This game focuses on getting the highest score. The stones resting as close to the center of the house scores points.

The game comes to an end when the teams deplete all their stones. Curling is great for non-athletic kids who are interested in a great competition. Curling is often likened to chess because it’s also a mental game. Kids can start learning winter curling from 5 years of age. 



Snowshoeing is an easy and cost-effective winter sports games for the entire family to have fun during winter. Non-athletic kids can enjoy this sport with ease.

Do you and your kids enjoy hiking during the summer? If you do, then snowshoeing is a good alternative during winter. Snowshoeing involves hiking on snow. Snowshoes are designed to ensure that hikers glide through the ice effortlessly. Further, they protect hikers from sinking in the snow.

If your kid is 3 years and can walk, they can participate in snowshoeing with an adult’s supervision. All they need are special gear such as proper winter clothing, poles to provide balance, and snowshoes. The children will enjoy the adventure-filled activity that is snowshoeing. 

Ice Biking

If your children are older, they will enjoy a chance to bike in snowy conditions. Today, many children learn how to ride bikes from an early age. If your kid can ride a bike, they can start ice biking training albeit under supervision.

Experts opine that studded bike tires are ideal when it comes to grasping the ice and snow. These should, however, be used under icy conditions only since controlling them on dry pavement can be an arduous task. 


Tubing is an excellent method of getting cardio exercises. This winter activity utilizes gravity to take a rider down a snow-covered slope or hill. Older children can slide through steeper trails for more thrill and fun.

Kids enjoy sliding down and running to the top of the hill. Unlike ordinary sleds, tubes are lighter which makes them manageable. Inner tubes are also cost-effective as this makes tubing one of the cheapest and exciting winter sports games for your children. 

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey

Kids can start practicing their skating skills from the age of 3 years under adult supervision. They will be ready to start training for winter hockey once they have mastered skating basics.

Many winter camp resorts in Switzerland, such as the Les Elfes International Winter Camp offer novice hockey sessions for children aged 4 years and above. However, studies suggest that ice hockey is one of the main causes of winter sports games injuries among children. Parents can keep children safe with these tips.

  • Ensure that they wear well-fitting safety gear during practice or when playing
  • Buy specially designed foam-lined helmet for ice hockey. Avoid buying a second-hand helmet and replace worn out helmets immediately. Inspect the helmet’s chin straps regularly and ensure that it fits comfortably
  • Inspect the safety equipment and gear often to ensure they are in good condition
  • Players should wear a full face mask to safeguard their eyes and face and an appropriate mouth guard. 


Winter sports games are an ideal way to keep your children active and physically healthy during the cold season. What’s more, they come in handy to prevent boredom during the winter break. Regardless of the winter activities, your children are interested in trying, ensure they dress appropriately to stay warm and safe. 

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